Choosing The Right Looper Pedal For Beginner

Present There are lots of looper pedal is available in the market but it’s forever confusing what is there working how they work?  before buying any looper pedal first question has come how you are going to use it. If you using it in for practice at your home then you don’t need to buy any bigger pedals. A Small Looper pedal is best as your requirement reason it’s handy for Your practicing. if you are looking loop pedal for live performance or recording. Check out the following features:-

Recording Time

Recording time and Memory is the main thing to consider before buying any looper pedal. All looper pedal have inbuilt memory and some have expandable with SD card and USB ports which used to plugin any hard disk. Memory is more important especially when you have to records loops in stereo with CD quality. Like Digitech Jamman Stereo have the ability to  record 32 minutes recording and have an SD card slot with a USB port for external hard disksbest looper pedal

Looping Multiple Together

Some Looper pedals  just allow playing only one recorded looping at the same time. If you are going to use looper pedal just for practicing. then its will not a big issue rather you are going to use it for any entire song. Playing Multiple loops same time give you the ability to use loops convertible, Adding layers to your songs.  Like Boss RC 50 and Digitech Jamman Looper, pedal has the ability to play multiples loops Same time with any lack

Number of Pedals and Switches

The Main thing to consider is how much pedals and switch we can attach with Looper. The number of pedals or switches we can use with looper pedal play a big role Especially if you are using your looper pedal for Live performance.  Lots of pedal and switches use for fine tune the looping ability of a Looper pedal like on or off certain loops while multi layer Loops. If you are using one foot pedal then you must need to turn Your dials on your pedal for triggering or stop multiples loops same time. It can be disruptive if You looping on Live performance.  There are lots of looper pedal available in a market have the ability to add many footswitches which you can use to plug in your pedal to extends its working. You can choose looper pedals like Boss RC-5- which have the ability to attach multiple pedal and switches.

Reverse Looping

Reverse looping is a hidden feature of best looper pedal which used by very few guitarist. Reverse looping is when You do a recording for the loop. But playing it from forwards you play it with backwards. It allows you to create many more interesting background music textures for Your song.  Mostly new looper pedal is coming these days have the ability to use this feature on their board

Midi Sync

Midi sync is very new technology which comes in some advanced looper pedal like Boss RC 50. Its give you the ability to Sync your loop records in another External midi devices. This is very helpful if for synch your loops with another musician or electronic instruments. Looper pedal Boss RC 50 have an ability of Midi Synch but its does not work well.